Patti Stiles

status and master servant

Status play happens continually in life. It is a form of silent communication, significant in how we relate to and are affected by people everyday. On stage relationship look void of any real connection when status play is not present. Master Servant work is anchored in status. It is the understanding of status play and the ability to raise and lower each others status which can build tension or create comedy. It is an important technique to have in your impro tool kit. This workshop is a physical workshop and will involve being hit by balloons.

Susan Harrison

Character in Improv

A fun, energetic work looking at numerous ways of finding characters in improvisation. A great way to move out of your own comfort zone and try characters you haven’t tried before, using status, physicality, observation and more.

Justin Brett

Acting for Improvisers

As improvisers we are also actors. This workshop offers the chance to explore how much inspiration we can find focusing our energy on stagecraft, physicality and emotional offers, in order to make our work on stage more alive, believable and genuine.

Mark Jane


How many times have you been told that you must always say "yes" in improvisation? And what if saying "no" could create stories too? This workshop explores the idea of creating problems for your partner and using them to generate stories and comic situations. It also introduces the notion of a playful stage relationship where getting each other into trouble is all part of the game.

Stacey Smith

In Character

Sure, we can sound pretty! But how satisfying is it to sing in character in order to commit fully and say “yes” to the incredible choice we’ve already made? In this workshop, we will sing our songs through the lens of our character voice, physicality and character POV.

Kevin Gillese

Tao of Improv

Understanding improv is the ability to reconcile contradictions into perfect harmony. How do you play with wildness and respect simultaneously? Balance the opposites within you. There is no bravery without fear, so fear is a good thing because it gives us the opportunity to be brave… but fear makes our decisions weak so it must be destroyed when we find it. This is the way.

Simone Tani

Trance and Full Masks

The workshop is an introduction to Trance Masks and Full Masks, which wants to explore the purely visceral side of the actor-mask relationship, as well as the amplification of the nonverbal communication of the performer’s body. Wearing a mask is a powerful way to unlock creativity and to discover how to be expressive, releasing the pressure we have to “create” as we let the mask lead us, and giving us a new experience of our own possibilities as performers.

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